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Hikers'Idyll Nestled in the Dolomites

Travel article about the mountain town of LaValle in northern Italy.

"LaValle lies less than 20 miles north of the well-traveled Dolomite Road linking Bolzano and Cortina d'Ampezzo, but it does not appear on most maps, even the reliable Michelin Red. . . .Like most visitors we approached LaValle from below through a narrow valley; despite our best efforts to sneak an early look up at our destination, we were not successful. The town has arranged itself horizontally along the zigzags of a steep mountain road. At each turn, as the road rises, a new cluster of houses and subtly different vista of the Dolomites come into view. One final turn and the town 'square,' tiny and trapezoidal, wedged into a bend in the road, suddenly appears."

The New York Times, October 4, 1992