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Habits of Change

Habits of Change: An Oral History of American Nuns was published by Oxford University Press in June 2011 and received excellent reviews.

"Almost always the author gets her interpretations just right. She understands and portrays the diversity and complexity of contemporary Catholicism through the all-encompassing interviews." (America, October 31, 2011)

"...shines a light on the real lives of American nuns as they reflect on the changes they have sometimes witnessed, other times endured, and often shaped through their own activism in the wider culture." (The Oral History Review, Winter/Spring, 2012)

"As a collector of oral histories, the author is faithful to allowing sisters to use their own words in telling their stories....Her sincere interest in women religious kept her faithful to the listening, honest in the recording, and sensitive in the integration of her own narrative. On behalf of women religious I can only say thank you." (National Catholic Reporter, September 30, 2011)

To join the conversation about the Vatican reprimands of American women religious, read three blog posts about the controversy, all of which use excerpts from the oral history interviews in Habits of Change.


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