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Twayne/Simon&Shuster Macmillan, 1996; paperback, 2001
A handbook for Catholic parishes, compiled with Mary Ann Jeselson and the RENEW International team. Liguori, 2003
A collection of prayers from RENEW International, edited with Mary Ann Jeselson.Liguori, 2003
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The People's Prayer Book

To Act With Justice

The earth is yours, O Creator,
and all that dwells therein is sacred.
There is nothing that exists
without your mark of divine love.
Enlighten my mind, open my heart,
empower me to act with justice.
Help me feed the hungry,
rather than hoard,
clothe the impoverished,
rather than consume,
give out of my wants and needs,
rather than oppress.
I pray that justice will reign
on the earth
and the light of your shalom
will break through the darkness.
I ask this through Jesus and in the Holy Spirit.

Accompanying Scripture reading: Matthew 22:15-21

Quoted from pages 28-29
The People's Prayer Book

ISBN 0 7648 0986 5


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