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Earlier Books
Twayne/Simon&Shuster Macmillan, 1996; paperback, 2001
A handbook for Catholic parishes, compiled with Mary Ann Jeselson and the RENEW International team. Liguori, 2003
A collection of prayers from RENEW International, edited with Mary Ann Jeselson.Liguori, 2003
Sampling of Articles

Mothers, Daughters and Women Religious

Profiles of three women who entered religious life after marrying and raising a family.

These are "rare and highly individual experiences. The option to join a religious congregation after having been married is controversial among vocation directors and unusually challenging for both the woman and the community she joins. But in trying to be faithful to multiple roles, these women have faced up to circumstances that many mothers and daughters are able to evade....
"As they live the rare combination of daughter, mother, grandmother and sister, they may also shed some light on the complex relationships with which we all live."

America, April 26, 1997


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